PureRAW outputs DNG incompatible with PL5

I did a quick try of PureRAW on 38 RAW files from a Sony A7RIII, all taken with the same lens. PureRAW completed successfully but one of the image cannot be opened in PL5:

“This image cannot be processed since it was taken with a camera that is not supported by this version of DxO PhotoLab.”

What are my workarounds? I tried processing this file in PureRAW again, the result is the same.

See this on the supported cameras page…

But why, if you have PL5, with DeepPRIME NR built in, are you using PureRAW?


I have A7RIII, not A7RIIIa so I interpret this as being fully supported.

I know PL5 has DeepPrime NR built-in. I just wanted to use PureRAW as the first step of my workflow. Take all my RAW through pureRAW and then do further editing in whatever tool suits the image best, be it PL5 or CaptureOne, or On1 or Lightroom.

I see PureRAW as a way to produce clean RAW files as a working base for any other editing tool.

OK. I’m still curious. What kind of images do you find you need something other than PL5 for? (apart from stitching and stacking)

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  • Stitching and Stacking :wink:
  • Dust Removal (I find PL5 repair tool to be pretty bad compared to other editors)
  • Portrait specific tools (not doing much portraits so happy to delegate to an editor with some "out-of-the box tools for portraits)

That’s pretty much it I think. Granted, I could (and will do) most of my edits in PL5. But I saw PureRAW as a way to uniformize/clean my RAWs before archiving as well.

As long as you have DPL, PureRaw presents no added value for the time being - apart from conversions gobbling up drive space…

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I have said this elsewhere….PureRaw is quicker and does a great job by itself. I need nothing more; although I do have PL5 I don’t intent to use it on all my images, just those which the output from PureRaw suggest need further improvement.