PureRaw missing the possibility to resume batch export when restarting

I do like the PureRaw SW very much, use it regularly (currently V3). However there is one thing missing:
When exporting a large batch of say in my case 300 raw files to PureRaw, and I break off the export half way through, either on purpose or accidentally (hitting escape in the wrong window …), My only options when restarting the batch are:

  1. Cancel the export (don’t want to do that)
  2. Overwrite the existing files (means I have to process all the files already processed. Would rather not have to do that).
  3. Use unique names. (This I totally don’t want to do in this case).

So the only option that makes sense here is choosing Option 2 and in fact discarding all files already processed.

Most software I know offer a fourth option in cases like this:
4. Skip already existing outputfiles.

This means I can continue where I left off, without having to process al lot of files for the second time.

Would it be posssible to include this option? In V3 and/or V4 (may persuade me to go to V4 :wink: ).