PureRaw Mac - GPU Performance query

What kind of PureRaw speeds are others seeing?
I have an older 2013 iMac with the 3.6Ghz I7 and a Radeon 570/8Gig in an external GPU enclosure.
I shoot Olympus EM1-2 RAW and get about 10-15 seconds/photo or about 4-6 photos per minute.
The external GPU really helps. Without it it’s about 2-3minutes/photo.
This is reasonable, but obviously would be better if quicker.

What are others seeing? I’m curious what the fastest times are on higher end machines.
Any news on when PureRaw becomes a fully M1 / universal app?

Apple Silicon MacBook Air, DPR set to DeepPrime, export to DNG

  • 5 seconds average for 12 Mpixel raw image files
  • 8 seconds average for 22 Mpixel raw image files