PureRAW Lens Support - Samyang

What is the normal lead for DxO support for new lens? I just got the Samyang 135 FE 1.8 (Sony) which shipped March 2022.


Hello pidru67
Does your Samyang 135mm F1.8 FE have electronic contacts?

When we looked at that lens there was none, which means we don’t have the Exif information which would be needed to do automatic correction.

Maybe I was looking at a different lens, but when I looked it up at B&H here in New York, the specs indicated it is an auto focus lens, so it must have contacts and share exit data.


You mix it with Samyang 135 / 2.0 which was indeed a MF lens w/o any contacts

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which btw brings a question - how does DxO handle in PureRaw in principle corrections for example for Fuji XF 35/2 w/o knowing a focusing distance ? does PureRaw always assume that it was focused @ infinity ? that means corrections are wrong because geometric distortions for such lens as anybody can see in PhotoLab are pretty much different depending on the focusing distance … unless of course PureRaw refuses to correct for lenses where DxO can’t get focusing distance ( for Fuji raws, for Sony raws ) ?

and to further illustrate the travesty of the situation with Fuji raws and many lenses … for example XF 18-55/2.8-4.0 zoom


how does DxO think a user shall select a distance here for a close range shot ? by flipping a coin or putting a ruler in each shot ? if DxO is OK w/ not using a proper optics correction in PureRaw how about finally giving users AN OPTION to use Fuji’s own optics correction embedded in raw files -OR- at least use that data to try to narrow down the set of choices for your own corrections presented ? in some cases based on what Fuji writes you can indirectly find out the focusing distance to use

To measure the degree to which a lens produces geometric distortion, DxO’s experts use a combination of different focal lengths and distances. More information can be found in the articles here: Corrections Optiques - DxO

However, in some cases, based on our measurements, our engineers in the optics lab determine that the information in the EXIF metadata is not clear or should be broken down even further for optimal corrections. That’s why DxO has always offered users the option to select the values manually in such cases. This gives the photographer the opportunity to determine and record the values when taking the picture if highest precision is required in further processing, especially in technical documentation and forensics. These users are far away from flipping coins.

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We plan to support more Samyang lenses in 2024.

and how the users of PureRaw are supposed “to select the values manually in such cases” ? do they have an option in UI to do this ?

yes, for Fuji raw files it is apparently absent ( albeit as noted in many cases can be indirectly found by seeing what corrections Fuji itself writes in raw files when those corrections are different ) - but for Sony files it is present ( for FE mount lenses and even for adapted lenses - albeit this is more complicated case and takes more time ) and yet not used at all ( except of course when DxO people decide that a lens needs just one set of corrections from MFD to infinity - then no choice is presented )

in any case - as illustrated above you can’t seriously expect a user to correctly select post shot the exact distance out of those choices ( … 0.55 - 0.7 … 0.7 … 0.7- 0.9 … 0.9 …) ,. - so the effort is great but a waste to some extent …