PureRaw II delayed import to Lightroom

In the original PureRaw, the manual process of exiting PureRaw and importing the dng file into Lightroom was very fast. The last step, clicking on the “import to Lightroom” box immediately brought up the Lightroom import dialog. The automatic process in PureRaw II had an interminable delay of 15 to 20 seconds before the Lightroom import dialog opens. Both PureRaw I and II operate much faster manually than automatically. I see no benefit to PureRaw II

Hello found the same problem!
According to DxO support the time for importing photos to LR after using DxO PureRaw2 as plugin depends on the size of your LR-catalog. Mine is large so it take up to 2 min for an import when using PureRaw2 as a plugin. It’s a bug - not a feature!
There is a quick and cheap fix: use Jeffrey Freidl’s Folder-Watch Lightroom Plugin (Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » Jeffrey’s “Folder Watch” Lightroom Plugin). There are a lot of possibilities to configure it and when done right it works like a charm. :cowboy_hat_face:
That’s my solution after the DxO Support told me it’s not a bug…

Thanks for the reply. I created a temporary catalog around a working folder with about 20 raw files, then ran PureRaw II. The import back into Lr was instantaneous. I will look at Friedl’s Plugin. I used to read him when his blog was mostly about photography, now it’s about bicycling so I’ve lost track of him.

Have you found a way to quickly load multiple non-contiguous files into version 1? Until this “Not a bug” is fixed that’s the only real advantage to version II.

Hm, not really. I got a way to go, but not that nice.

  • I move these files in “extra” subfolders within LR.
  • When done so I “go” to these subfolders using the windows explorer.
  • In the end I “throw” all these subfolders from the windows explorer into PureRaw and choose in the PureRaw popup window to create an own “result” folder (called DxO) within the subfolder.
  • Then run PureRaw and when finished I switch back to LR and sychronize the folders.
    Not nice and not fast but I can walk that way. That was the reason for getting PureRaw2…

Thanks, that’s what I was doing, dragging the selected files into a subfolder, then pointing PR-I to that subfolder. If version II opened the main program, not just the starting dialog, we could just press the Import button to get a quicker response. But I guess that’s not as elegant as the automatic process (that doesn’t work as well). thanks again…

Just dropping by to say I have the same issue. LR catalog with over 400,000 images, it takes minutes for it to appear after processing. I contacted DxO and was essentially fobbed off. It’s definitely an issue with the way their plugin is coded, On1 NoNoise does something similar in terms of the way it triggers a Lightroom import after editing and that appears almost instantaneously.

From my experience with 2 it does them one at a time, you would maybe expect it to wait until the end and import them all at once.

Importing RAW files into lightroom is pretty instantaneous for normal camera raw files. If you do not generate previews etc very quick. Why would pure raw be different? I just imported 10 deeprime raw images in about 11s.

Love the LR workflow with this product, shame you can process 30 files in about 8 minutes and import takes over 30 with the plugin.

So using Jfriedl quick, there fore nothing to do with your catalog size