PureRaw for iPadOS (Apple silicon Mx)

Oh, is it possible that nobody asked for an iPadOS version of PureRaw yet ? :thinking:

Well, since the iPad Pros and Macs now share the same processors (Mx) there is no reason not to have the same tools for “on the go” work :slight_smile:
Let’s smash the concurence and bring this state of the art tool to our mobile devices too.

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competition will be more than happy to see resources wasted on this :grin:

You are right… ressources are important so I will not read your useless posts starting from today :wave:t4:

I’d be keen on iPadPro versions of PhotoLab or PureRaw. Adobe, Capture One have managed it in some measure, and Affinity, a small software house, has managed an amazing port to the iPad, so why not DXO?

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