PureRaw DNG has embedded Profile - Can't change in Lightroom

I downloaded Pure Raw and Photo Lab 4 trials last night and played around with them.

From Pure Raw, I import into Lightroom but I am finding that after import, I can’t assign my own colour profile. In looking at the Metadata for the imported DNG, it is noted as having an embedded colour profile.

How are people adding profiles like Color Fidelity to Pure Raw DNGs?

Jan Wegener states here: NEVER worry about Image NOISE again! Is cRAW better than RAW? The Bird Photography Show Ep. 2 - YouTube that he adds a Color Fidelity profile to a Pure Raw derived DNG once it is in Lightroom.

Any hints on how this can be achieved when the DNG is set to ‘embedded’ profile?
LR Embedded 1

I tried to reproduce your issue and found that I can’t.

Exported an image with PureRaw and PhotoLab and opened them in Lightroom Classic, current release on macOS Mojave on iMac 2019. LrC let me change the profile in both images.

You could try to import the images with a custom preset that includes the profile you want to use and nothing else and see if the situation changes.

As for PureRAW vs. PhotoLab: I’d go for Photolab ELITE edition. It is more expensive, but it allows to tune settings (and do much more), while PureRaw does what its developers have deemed suitable. Please note that DxO might release a new version of PhotoLab in the next few weeks. Major releases often appear between autumn and X-mas - and all sorts of discounts are offered in that time too.

Archiv.zip (11.5 KB) contains two text files listing the exif tags as read from the DNG files written by PureRAW and PhotoLab. Use them to see what the differences are (mostly file name and creation date stuff)

Thank you for these archives. Mine are very similar albeit with more data in them.

Interesting is that doing a manual import to Adobe Camera Raw with the PR DNG allows me to change profiles. Once the DNG is saved, I can then import to Lightroom and change profiles if desired.

So I have a work around for now. It is still confusing, though.