PureRaw cannot handle folder names with extended character set

I am using a Swedish Windows 10 and some of my folders have Swedish characters and if I select an image in Lightroom to process in PureRaw it will issue a error message "An error occurred while launching the DxO PureRAW 2 plug-in. It works perfectly fine if the folder that the image is located in is without Swedish character.

I can confirm that the plugin wont launch when trying to process filenames that include Swedish vowels ÅÄÖ. This is a problem since these vowels are used at locations which the images are named after.
The error message was a bit vague: “An error occurred while launching DxO PureRAW2”
Plugin works: 180721_saltholmen_0429.DNG
Plugin fails: 180819_munkabäcksfloden_0029.DNG