PureRAW and infrared RAW/NEF images

Anyone with experience yet using PureRAW to handle raw infrared (IR) images? I do not expect PureRAW will be able to shift the white balance (WB). But, will a DNG output file, having used the usual DxO optics module and PRIME or DeepPRIME, retain enough data for another program (PL4, Photoshop, ON1, etc.) to produce the final WB corrections needed? I use a Nikon D800E IR conversion with a permanent, LifePixel 590nm cutoff filter at the film plane. I can of course adjust the WB in the camera to some extent as a custom setting, assuring reasonable exposures. But I do not think this affects the actual raw NEF file data, except perhaps for an EXIF tag for the WB setting parameters. Should PureRAW be OK (i.e., useful without losing data) for the NEF–>DNG file processing? Does anyone have suggestions for improved IR processing for image clarity, dynamic range, etc.?

If you do not have PureRaw and would like to see what it does, you could share a few shots and we could post a few results in return.

The forum might not accept large files, but you can use the sharing functionality of your cloud storage service or any other platform that allows temporary sharing…

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I’ll get back to later on some samples. Thanks!. Jan