PureRAW and DNG-HDR/Panorama files

DNG-Files created with the Lightroom Panorama/HDR-function do not work currently.
I understand, that optical corrections will not work (at least for panoramas), but it would be essential to see noise reduction on those files.

Panorama dng are no more raw, but linear dng. The demosaicing has been done, so it’s too late for dxo.
You have to do it the other way.
First, process your raw with deepprime and get dng.
Then, merge your dng into a bigger dng panorama.

I understand these are linear dng, but DeepPrime in Photolab would also work on these files as far as I understand, so it would still be nice to use this function here as well. Since the PureRAW result is also a linear DNG, it should be possible.

DeepPrime needs the Raw data.
It’s a demosaicing algorithm so it won’t work with linear dng, tiff or jpeg.
It only works with raw or “raw dng” (not very convenient to have the same extension for a totally different content…).

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Thanks for your response. I didn’t know until now that PRIME and DeepPRIME in PhotoLab also required non-linear RAW-Files. Now I understand the limitation, although I wished it was possible.

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