PureRAW and Affinity Photo

Is anyone using AP to open the DNG output from PR? When I open a DNG in AP, I’m not touching anything in the right panels and simply clicking “Develop.” When I compare the resulting preview in AP (Photo Persona) to the viewer in PR and to PS, the AP preview looks different; ever so slightly different color, contrast, etc. The views between PR and PS look so close that I’d call them identical. Its as if the AP develop persona is ignoring anything PR did and simply applying its own parameters. Thoughts?


I use Affinity and PL4 and wouldn’t dream of using Affinity Develop tbh.

It is the weakest part of Affinity by a long shot, with the rest being excellent. Hate to say it but if you have PS (I presume you mean Camera Raw within PS?), use that instead

Yes, ACR in PS. I wouldn’t typically use a PR–>AP workflow, but I just got a reconditioned Macbook Air that’s primarily dedicated to another purpose, but I thought the aforementioned workflow might be a “quick-n-simple” way to get first in class processing with, maybe, a little post-processing. Doesn’t seem like PR and AP play well together.

PL4 to AP works fine as you can ignore the Develop module which is the problem, not AP itself.

Not really an option if you are using PR I guess

That’s your opinion, I rather like the Develop Persona, no other RAW developer can work in true 32 bit unbounded color space!

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My opinion, based upon my experience.

PhotoLab4 is far superior to Develop, and indeed to most other Raw editors. I have used Develop, Lightroom, Camera Raw, ON1 and none come close to PL4

It doesn’t matter if Develop can work in an unbound colour space as even that has its limits as this article points out

There is no ‘one fits all’ solution for every problem.

I like Develop and make use of it from time to time, but it is rarely my first choice for Raw editing.

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Again your Opinion regardless of your experience. If you need more than Affinity Develop offers than maybe you should do better in camera. As for that article it is talking about an unbounded sRGB for which programs such as Gimp use and aren’t true unbounded color spaces. Also in Affinity you can do nothing in Develop and go straight to Photo and achieve the same thing non-destructively

Yeah I’ve noticed problems in AP Develop, also and in Darktable and Rawtherapee. The guys at Serif are on a fix. I guess the DNG standard have changed and the RAW developer in Affinity needs some changes to accommodate the changes in DNG files.

While you may be very satisfied with it, the main issues with the Develop persona are its extremely limited feature set and the fact that all settings are lost once you save your image for use in the Photo persona. There is no way to go back to make further edits where you left off.

The editing features in the Develop are sadly very limited compared to virtually every other good raw processor available. It is best used for those who are not dedicated raw shooters or those who are new to raw processing.

For those of us raw shooters with a lot of experience with the premier raw processors like Lightroom, Photolab Elite, and Capture One Pro, and even more secondary raw processors like like ON 1 Photo Raw, Affinity’s Develop persona is simply not in the same league.



I’m not here for a pissing contest. To make a statement like: (“For those of us raw shooters with a lot of experience with the premier raw processors”) You ASSume I have no Experience shooting RAW you are very mistaken! I have over 40 years in photography film and digital (The last 28 Professionally), I’ve used a dozen RAW processors including Lightroom, Capture One, Photolab, On 1, Rawtherapee, Darktable and Affinity etc… Each and everyone does basically the same thing and each and everyone can render different results based on each manufacturers RAW files so no one is perfect. In Affinity you can simply develop with no changes and go right to Photo where you can edit non destructively and solve your complaint. I do minimal changes in the Develop Persona in 32 bit Unbounded color space and do the remainder in Photo and my results are far superior than anything I have achieved in any of the other programs, so I now am exclusive to Photo although I do like Deep Prime from PureRAW when I need it.

This is not a contest. You made some comments with which I strongly disagree and I responded to them.

I own and use Affinity Photo and have had extensive experience for years with a number of raw processors including my current favorite, PhotoLab 4 Elite. Based on your comments you do minimal edits in the Develop persona and are happy with your results in the Photo persona. For you the Develop persons ia apparently more than adequate. That is your choice, but to my mind, regardless of your background, the Develop persona needs a lot of work to be competitive with the best raw processors available today.

I can agree that each of the best raw processors does basically the same thing and each of them can render somewhat different results. Where Develop falls short is not in the quality of it edits but because of its significant lack of features. It is a light weight raw processor by comparison.

I get far more satisfying results using all the capabilities of PhotoLab and exporting to 16 bit TIFF files for use in Affinity Photo when additional processing in that software is needed. I stand by what I wrote earlier. The Develop persons is the weak link in the otherwise very capable Affinity Photo. Dedicated raw shooters will tend to find it lacking.



Which brings me around full circle, it is your opinion! I find this to be a problem on forums and the internet in general. You may disagree with my statements but it’s very pretentious to state my way is inferior and or your way is the best like it’s fact, everything in your last statement is you opinion: quote “I get far more satisfying results”, 'but to my mind",“I stand by what I wrote earlier” etc… I started with a simple statement that I like the Develop Persona because you can edit in 32 bit and all hell breaks loose OMG. Who really gives a sh*t in the end if your program is better than mine (pretentious) if the photos finish to each individuals vision then that is all that matters. People need to let things go, Mike drop!

My response wasn’t based on your comment that, "I like the Develop Persona because you can edit in 32 bit ". If you had left it at that I never would have posted. However, you didn’t stop there and later made a rather pretentious and insulting comment that, “If you need more than Affinity Develop offers than maybe you should do better in camera.” I posted my response as a direct result of your disparaging and inaccurate remark.


That wasn’t even a reply to you! So why are you bringing that up! That statement was MY OPINION, I can make a statement like that because that is how I feel, no malicious intent given If you take it any other way that is your problem, Unbelievable!

This will be my last post on this subject regardless of what you might say in response. I do not want to be responsible for any further derailing of this thread as a result of the discussion of the Develop persona capabilities.

The fact that your earlier comment may have been intended for someone else does not change that what you posted would be insulting to anyone who thinks the Develop persona is too limiting.

You say you can make a statement like that because that’s how you feel and there was no malicious intent.

However, regardlesss of your intent, words matter. What you said strongly implied that anyone who needed a larger feature set than offered by the Develop persona might need to work on their photographic skills. That was highly insulting to me and i’m certain I am far from the only one here who would view it that way.


Since this is your last statement, I also have something to say. When I posted that statement I never intended it to be an insult or anything like that. When I said “you” I meant people in general, what I meant was if anyone’s RAW files are that bad that they can’t recover them with the tools provided in the Develop Persona then something is seriously wrong in camera. If anyone took it any other way I seriously apologize! I realize people are passionate about the software and gear they use and I for one would not knock whatever they use and tell them what they use is inferior, this has gotten way out of hand and I was part of it and am sorry. Peace to all.

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“If you need more than Affinity Develop offers than maybe you should do better in camera.”
Sorry if I am such a bad shooter, oh great one.

Begs the question of why you feel the need for a 32 bit unbounded colorspace yourself, you being so great and all? Couldn’t get it right in camera then?

“Also in Affinity you can do nothing in Develop and go straight to Photo and achieve the same thing non-destructively”

Which is exactly what I advised Alan to do - skip Develop and go straight to the main adjustments persona from PR if he wanted to use AP rather than ACR in PS.

You have a go at me and then offer the same advice lol

Set to mute you. If all you can do is insult others, you are not worth people’s time.

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