Pureraw AI goo in peoples faces

When faces gets too dark/noisy, pureraw gets rather creative on what it does and seem to mostly mangle faces into some messy goo.

Any way to avoid this?
I am mostly using lightroom classic enhance these day due to these issue. I believe I rarely saw this on pureraw 2 but in pureraw 3 it happnes rather frequently.

Lightroom can get a bit funny as well if setting the noise removal at very high levels (above 80-90) but I will rather take a bit noise in there rather than dealing with a surgeon turning kids faces into a mess.

dial down NR amount

I don’t think there’s a NR level adjustment for PureRAW?

Failing that, choose DeepPRIME instead of DeepPRIME XD. The latter frequently creates artefacts in smooth areas for me. In PhotoLab, I can often deal with that by changing the noise model slider, but again, I don’t think PureRAW gives you that control. DeepPRIME is way less susceptible to the artefacts.

ouch - no control for NR, no control for tiff output color space, no control for focusing distance for Sony and Fuji raw files

  • what else there are none in is useless hack ?

Wait, so you were offering advice without explaining you don’t even know the product?

Apparently you don’t like it. Or indeed anything DxO does. Not sure why you’re still here. Please don’t be surprised if I do not respond to you any further.

yes, mea culpa indeed ( thank you for pointing this out ) - I knew of course that PureRaw does not offer many things, but almost every day I am shocked even more to learn about further glaring deficiencies that solidify the point how truly useless PureRaw really is and how DxO selling it to unsuspecting fools w/o clearly explaining those deficiencies ( not to mention various youtube shills who can’t even do a proper review ) … how in the world , for example, somebody decided to design a product outputting a tif(f) w/o letting a user to spec a color space and omit to write about this in the manual ?