PureRaw 4 - inconsistent process speed

Hi All,
I’ve been facing a weird problem regarding the time spent by PR4 to process an image. The first time the software runs, it goes well and takes around 13 sec to process a c-Raw file from the R7. Minutes later, when I run PR4 to process another identical file it takes 2 minutes. In both cases, images where exported from latest version of Lightroom Classic. This happens with all cameras I have (RAW or NEF) My computer is really good…no problems with drivers or hardware limitation. (i9 / 3070 / 64 RAM / M.2). Is this a known bug? Thanks.


I suggest that you keep an eye on the system memory consumption as you process your files. Lightroom might be keeping memory locked for the images already processed. If I remember well, this point has been already discussed somewhere else.

My guess is(and it is just a guess) : Your export processor is set for the default setting “Let the program decide”, if you haven’t changed it. It chose the GPU for your first file and the CPU for the second file(who knows why?). Please make sure that the selector is set specifically for your Nvidia 3070 GPU(or the Neural network if it has one).