PureRaw 4 , Impossible open raw files from Lightroom Classic

i ave updated to version 4.0 and now when I try to open a raw file (any raw file from different cameras) I receive the error :

" 1 of 1 image(s) could not be imported.
These images are either not supported or have
already been processed in DO PureRAW, or the
files may be corrupted"

If I open the same image directly from stand alone PureRaw all work fine. The image can be opened, lens correct files downloaded etc.

MacOS Sonoma 14.3.1. + Lightroom classic 13.2

of course image are in the original raw file format and not .dng
and they were opened with version 3 of pure raw

Updated to Sonoma 14.4 same problem, I have tried to reinstall PureRaw many times or rebooting the machine but nothing.

UPDATE, if I load first the image on PureRaw as stand alone application, then close it, I can re-open it from ligthroom Classic.