PureRaw 4 has XD2

PureRaw 4. Just bought this software to find its not compatible with Fuji .RAF files - pretty disappointed

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English may not be his first language but I’ve run into the same issue so I can clarify;

I’ve been a satisfied PR 3 user and upon the announcement of PR 4 with an improved DeepPrime XD2 engine, I eagerly bought the upgrade without even thinking about using the trial first. I know that PR 3 is already good but not perfect, so I was looking forward to further improvements.

With PR 4, all is well until you want to process Fuji RAF files with DeepPrime XD2. A message pops up notifying you that XD2 isn’t available for RAF files and that it would instead use regular XD for processing. That works fine but PR 3 would work just as well. There would have been no need to upgrade without XD2.

So yeah, it’s disappointing that they couldn’t get the software done with all the functionality. It almost feels like a rushed release in response to the new version of Topaz Photo AI that was released just a day prior.

All the way down on the DeepPrime detail page, it says that XD2 RAF support will come in the near future. Who knows when that will be…

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many thanks for response - yes disappointing. I bought PureRaw 3 on Monday - so was surprised to see update to 4 today. Didn’t have to pay for upgrade otherwise I would have been very p…d off

As I recall, a video demo of PR4 by DxO states that Fuji support is expected to be added in a minor update to PR4. No ETA.

always check the spec first to see if your equipment is supported or not, this apply to basically every software.

Note: currently DeepPRIME XD2 only supports Bayer images; X-Trans RAW files are not compatible. PureRAW
will revert to DeepPRIME XD for these specific RAW files.

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I just upgraded to PR4 also, only to find out that Fuji files aren’t supported yet. I did the exact same thing when upgrading from PR2 to 3, so clearly I haven’t learned to check. :crazy_face: There was no chance of me not upgrading anyway, so now I’m all set as soon as the Fuji update comes (which was reasonably quick last time).

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Yes, I think the DXO team said that in their webinar and I think they also say on the product page, coming soon. They are little less clear when new XD2 is coming to PhotoLab, but I would love to see it at the time when Fuji is supported.

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Why is this a problem? I process the 40mp files from my Fuji XH2 on PR3 or PR4. Even just using the DeepPrime or XD setting produces awesome results. I don’t think not having XD2 as an option is a dealbreaker.

It is a big problem because XD2 is the main feature of version 4. I already have version 3 but because Fuji RAF files aren’t supported with XD2, I’m basically using version 4 to do the exact same thing (XD) as version 3 does. So what am I paying for version 4 for?

And many probably made this mistake and bought version 4 without realizing that there was a limitation. It just doesn’t make sense to release a product that supports all the major brands, except one only partially. And then it takes them 6 months to finally release full support. It’s bad business practice.

You are right, I also purchased the PR4 and the RAW files from my Fuji X-T5 cannot take advantage of the new XD2 technology.
This is very disappointing after waiting 42 days for support.

I really like the “Smartlighting” function in PR4 when exporting .jpeg,
that’s great, since the extraction of shadows in raw is significantly more extensive.