PureRaw 4 has XD2 Noise Reduction, How about Photolab

When will the new noise reduction XD2 be put into Photolab 7 or 7.5

I doubt we will see DeepPRIME XD2 outside of PR4, until PL8 is launched later this year.

PR4 is advertised as allowing the user to see the immediate impact of each denoising technology (eg. DeepPRIME, DeepPRIME XD2). I imagine this feature would involve a major update of Photolab, hence the reason I think we will see it in PL8.

I’d be happy with just the inclusion into PL of the new batch renaming tool in PR4.

The current (re)naming tools in PL are woefully inadequate.

wondering who’s top chef as plugin… pureRaw 4 or Topaz 2.4 :thinking:
kidding, haven’t used neither but would be interesting to see comparison.

I have to agree - these features are likely to not come to PhotoLab until the next major release (presumably PL8). In the meantime, I’d love to see a comparison of XD and XD2 that shows the benefit of the new algorithm! I’m also curious about what the minor improvements in lens softness compensation look like. I’m watching this video right now, hoping for a demo:

So what… what if I have the current PhotoLab version, do I still have to buy PureRaw4 to get DeepPrime XD2? This really deserves an XD emoji comment… :wink:

i rather use deep prime than dp xd which cause some weird thing to pictures.
we still towards Spring so XD2 might come to PL7 in April for their usual Spring event/updates. not including april fool! :crazy_face:

I doubt that it will be part of PL7 as well, but anyway I am happy that finally the default sharpening seems to be reduced. That means DxO has been listening to the critiques and a higher focus is put on more natural output. A positive change from PL7, that put me off with their highly unnatural default settings. Also it looks like the new denoising produces less artifacts.

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I’m finding the video interesting and helpful for seeing what DPXD2 and the new lens softness correction are intended to do. My initial impression is mixed. I’ll know more from a hands-on trial, but what I see XD2 doing reminds me of Topaz Sharpen AI: really great for smoothing out bokeh, but tending to artificially add or excessively enhance fine detail within in-focus areas. Likewise, the amount of white added to an image through lens softness compensation (see the 21-minute mark in the video) is too much, IMO. While the sharpening of the Paris cityscape just prior to this looks outstanding, I think the default sharpening is too high for the land feature at 21:00.

I might have to wait for a PL update to play with lens sharpening settings. But DPXD2 might be great at low settings, which is how I use DPXD. I will especially be attentive to how well it handles grain in the sky and in other semi-uniform backgrounds, as DPXD always needs to be fine-tuned for that. If PL8 adds a live preview of DPXD2, it’ll be hard for me to say no.

PureRAW can be tried at no cost other than your time.
Beware: Trial period is now 14 days, down from the usual 30.

How disappointing! I wonder why that changed. With my schedule, I might consider that enough time to test PR, but not other DxO software (which has been receiving major design changes and unfortunately surprise regressions as well). Hopefully the change won’t be universal.

Also beware, the current version of Pure Raw 4 does not yet support Fuji X Trans.

As far as DPR is concerned, the main feature to test is XD2 - and 2 weeks should be enough for that. Note that customising has received a complete overhaul, which is, imo, no improvement at all. More clicks, abbreviations etc.

Hi all,

Here is a quite honest feedback from a DXO advocate as I have DXO Photolab 7 Elite, Filmpack 7 and Nik Collection 6.
I was considering ViewPoint 4 for architectural photo (so purchasing another solution to cover use cases that should be included in Photolab Elite - we are talking here about straighten perspective, correct distortion and compensate for distortion of wide-angle lenses…).

The fact that XD2 is not available in Photolab 7 Elite is going to make me leave DXO and your horrible licensing and marketing model (I’m not even speaking about the regular seasonal promotions such as Black Friday, Winter Sales, Summer Sales… stop this is too much, set a fair price and stick to it).

A yearly paid update as you are doing is becoming in some extend a subscription. So either you switch to subscription model completely or you include all updates within the year for the current version of your key solution (Photolab Elite only if you want) but we cannot stand those yearly paid updates to get only improvements for current version of solution we are using.

Hope this can help to shape your roadmap, product marketing and license model design…as currently it doesn’t make sense (have a look at all feedbacks in this forum and DXO users groups in Facebook).


@jlm06fr , welcome but please note this is a user forum and DxO rarely respond to any posts here. In other words, although you have directed your comments at DxO, you are not actually talking to DxO.

If anyone was smart in DxO marketing team, one of the first thing they would do would be to read this forum, and take some comments in consideration, even if not reacting on the forum (of course, they decide, that’s their company…) rather than ignoring and abusing their faithful clients and rushing towards a wall with shady tactics.
So, if a few weeks ago, you purchased latest version of PL Elite (229 €), you will have to add 119 € to get PureRaw (updated version of noise reduction) , 99€ for ViewPoint (if you want to be able to flip an image) and 139 € for FilmPack (so you can use luminosity masks), so a total of 586 € (that you’ll be able to update for a minimal cost of around 60% should you get an updated version in 6 months - be careful not to skip 1 or 2 years, as after that you’ll have to buy the full package again to get an updated version !

Hi @stuck , thank you and yes indeed I see your point. Then it’s actually adding another point to my list… DXO is not even listening to their community feedbacks and keep pushing absurd pricing. Hopefully this post could help them to shape a smarter roadmap / product marketing fit within their release policy!

@spacecoyote , thanks so much for your comment and 100% aligned with you on this. I didn’t do the maths but 586 euros total is quite scary especially if you don’t get all latest feature updates at this price (and you do need to keep updating to do not pay full package after 2 years!) Of course we still have seasonal promotions as I was referring to in my initial post but that’s not a fair / transparent pricing model for end users.

… which doesn’t make sense.

While PL contains the functionality of PR, PL and PR are two different products. And a license for the brand new PR4 version does not make the latest denoiser available in the current PL7 version. – So why to pay extra for PR unless you need it for your workflow?

Tested DPR3 XD vs DPR4 XD2 and found

  • no noticeable difference between the results
  • that DPR3 took 12 minutes to export 20 images
  • that DPR4 took 6 minutes for the same export (images and customising)

To me, this looks like we’re approaching the area of diminishing returns from an image quality point of view, but the improved speed is quite amazing.

Tested with DPR on macOS 14.3.1 on 5K iMac 2019 with Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB.