(PureRAW 3) Strange Artifacts in Processing Fuji XT3 RAW Files

In processing some recent Fuji XT3 .RAF files (using both Rokinon 12mm/f2 and Fuji 16-80mm/f4 lenses) on Windows 11 with PureRAW 3.5.0 Build 19 (DeepPRIME XD), I’m getting random artifacts - sometimes it’s simply a blacked-out square (see image 1 below); other times its multicolor banding (see images 2 and 3 below). I’ve tried different settings within PureRAW (e.g. turning off vignetting correction, CA, lens distortion), but there’s no clear pattern for when the artifacts occur.

Any idea how to fix these? I’ve posted a few of the original and processed files here: DXO PureRAW Weird Artifacts – Google Drive


I have the same problem. Nikon Z6, Fujifilm XT20… I have far more artifacts in the photo than you do, the software is practically unusable.