PureRAW 3 Pincushion Bug

I have been using the new PureRAW 3 for a few days and I’m encountering some issues that I am not experiencing on PureRAW2. Specifically a significant pincushion effect on processed DNG files from my DJI Magic 3 main camera. It’s happening with every shot. I’m also seeing it a bit with CR3 RAW files from my R5 but it’s not as consistent or as pronounced.

The PureRAW 3 settings are: DeepPRIMEXD, Lens Softness ON standard, Vignetting ON, Chromatic Aberration ON, Lens Distortion ON complete image area and output to dng

The PureRAW 2 settings are: DeepPRIME, DxO Optical Corrections ON (global lens sharpening, lens distortion correction) export to dng

I am trying to upload the source and processed files here but it’s not letting me so I’ve uploaded them to my OneDrive instead PureRAW Issue

Is anyone else experiencing this?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!
In the choice you made for distortion correction: Complete image area, you see the entire image, including the black areas resulting from the correction. If you want to see the corrected image without these black areas, you must choose Image cropped to the original ratio (the original ratio will be respected), or Maximum rectangle (the original ratio will not be respected)