PureRaw 3 OM-1 MKII

News 5th March OM-1 MKII and lens among latest DxO Optics Modules release. But PureRaw 3 still doesn’t recognise files from OM-1 MKII

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PureRaw4 recognises OM-1 Mk11 raw files. However 14-bit Hi Res images don’t work with it. (12-Bit are OK)

I have the same problem with PureRaw 3 (3.10.0, build 36). PureRaw 3 simply refuses to process ORF files or DNG generated by Adobe Lightroom Classic.

I opened a support ticket but so far the support insists that PureRaw 3 supports OM-1 Mk-II and kept asking me to uninstall and reinstall the software. Of course, the problem still remains.

I have the same problem. According to the DXO website you need to update to version 3.1.1. for the OM1 MkII. When I check for updates my current version 3.10.0 says I’m up to date. When I uninstall and download fresh it loads the same version. I can’t seem to upload 3.1.1.

Same problem here. Submitted a ticket yesterday (03/06/24) and got the same story as most of you on this thread… Uninstall / Re-Install. I’m on 3.10.0. Told them over and over that there was no update and that the website says 3.1.1 (which of course makes NO sense) at all. Wondered if there was a typo in the required version number. Maybe it was supposed to be 3.10.1 or 3.11.0.

Well today I get a message back on that ticket that said basically, Oh, we’re sorry the OM-1 Mark II isn’t supported yet but will be next week.

Then an hour later, another message that said, never mind the last message, it will be April when an update is released for Pure Raw 3.

At this point, I have no idea, nor confidence in the support desk. Geez, how hard could it be. The sensor is exactly the same as the OM-1. Put the OM-1 Mark II in your lookup table and release an update. There is no new software that needs to be developed.
Great software when it works, lousy tech support.

I received the same email, indicating that there will be PureRaw 3.11.0 that will add a support for OM-1 Mk-II in April.

I tried PureRaw 4 in trial mode and it can process OM-1 Mk-II RAW files (I did not try with 14-bit HiRes images). So until the update is ready, we can use PureRaw 4 in trial mode or upgrade.

It is disappointing that DxO annoucened on the 5th support for OM-1 MKII but it doesn’t work as there isn’t version 3.11.0 until April.
I downloaded the trial version of PureRaw 4 images load but there isn’t any DxO Optics Modules. The program will go through the motions but doesn’t make any adjustments.

When the OM-1 mk2 was first released, it wouldn’t work with Lightroom. However, if you modified the EXIF data using EXIFTool to make it look as if it came from an OM-1 (mk1) it would work with Lightroom, the one exception being Hi-Res 14 bit files. It seems that DxO has the same issue.

This is the command that worked when run in a folder containing the ORF files.

exiftool -model=“OM-1” *.ORF

I haven’t used this for a few weeks as Lightroom was updated to fix the problem

Well, despite a couple of people hearing getting info from “tech support” that it would be April for version 3 to support the OM-1 Mark II, a release came out today (3.11.0) that supports the camera. Haven’t tried any 14 bit images yet, but doubt they will work. Website still says 3.1.1 is required for the OM-1 Mark II. Pretty sloppy of them. Update: Website now changed to say version 3.11.