PureRaw 3 lightroom plugin much slower processing than in the app itself

When using the lightroom plugin to process an image it takes around 10 minutes with DeepPrime XD (Haven’t tested the other settings yet).
When I manually add the same image in the app itself and process it that way it takes only 30 seconds.

Is GPU acceleration not available when used as a plugin? It seems like a bug to me.
This totally negates any convenience the plugin might provide.

I don’t notice anything different in processing speed, but it sometimes takes 20-30 minutes for the DXO plugin to pick up the processed images and import them into LR

Minutes?!? I assume you meant to say seconds. I really wish they could get rid of the import delay but my understanding is that it’s caused on the LIghtroom side.

No, I meant to say minutes… the LR import plug-in takes anything up to 30 mins to import images into LR and even then it often misses out images. It seems to be very buggy indeed. One problem I have found with with sending images to PR3 from the LR plug-in is that queuing doesn’t work, you have to wait until PR3 has finished, but queuing is one the big new features that got added and it doesn’t work!

If you are on a Mac you can drag and drop images from either the film strip or grid onto a PureRAW icon on the dock. This loads the images into stand alone and you can queue plus you control when the import into LR occurs by synching the folder. On any platform I believe you can synch the folder as soon as processing is done. The file is there. It just takes LR a long time to notice it.

Using the software a little longer I’ve noticed the slowness is not always limited to the plugin. The app itself can be extremely slow in many cases involving DeepPrime XD. Sometimes though, it is fast, so it’s performance is erratic at best. In extreme cases, the end result is an error message that the file couldn’t be processed at all. But it takes quite a few minutes before that message is thrown when it happens.
It almost seems like the GPU is not used at all in cases that are slow.

All in all, this completely defeats the purpose of the upgrade for me. DeepPrime XD processing is inconsistent and very time consuming. I hope they can fix it.

Be sure you have explicitly selected your GPU in settings. If left on Auto it will inexplicably sometimes use CPU only.

I did. It doesn’t make a difference.

I too find the speed of processing with DeepprimeXD erratic. Sometimes 10-15 seconds per photo sometimes minutes per photo. I have found no dependance on settings (GPU Auto or explicitly selected)

btw. Even when its slow, Task manager still shows 100% of GPU use.