PureRaw 3, Lightroom and keywords etc

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but PureRaw instructions state:
“All metadata from the original images are transferred to the processed images, including the star rating, keywords, IPTC fields, EXIF data, etc. If you process images that have already been edited in Lightroom Classic, any changes made to the originals will be applied automatically to the processed images…”
However, if I use the Lightroom plug-in then none of the processed changes are applied to the processed images and keywords disappear.
eg. File has 3 keywords, I use PureRaw to process it. When looking at the DNG in Lightroom, none of the keywords are retained.

The file is still put in a DXO subfolder even though that option isn’t ticked. Because the keywords are lost, the processed image doesn’t end up in the same smart collection as the original either

Help please!

Don’t worry - managed to sort it out. The creation of XMPs is required either setting it in Lightroom Catalog settings or using CTRL+S on the file. Pity it doesn’t explicitly state this in the DXO instructions.
The file saving also now working.
Hope the XMP bit helps others hitting same issue and/or DXO add the note to the user guide

Indeed. PureRaw always acts on the original RAW file, no matter if DPR is used standalone or as a plugin. In case of using DPR as a plugin to Lightroom, the returning file is “re-developed” by Lightroom, but only if the corresponding .xmp sidecar file is present…and yes, this detail should be mentioned in the manual.