PureRaw 3.4 Previewing Wrong Image Files on Ventura 13.5

When importing a set of files with the same filename as a previous batch (say, “Filename_0001”) PureRaw is previewing a different set of images–the first batch of images I processed with that filename structure. The lightbox is showing the first batch of images, already processed (cyan tickbox, DxO appended to filename, etc.)

If I process this incorrect preview, the correct image is processed so only the preview is incorrect. If I then reimport the new batch, the new filenames show up–except for the first image I processed to “reset” the previews.

I’ve tried moving the source folder to a different location and the lightbox previews are still incorrect. Apologies if I’m missing something obvious.

That sounds like a caching problem in PureRAW, which I would certainly class as a bug.

Your best bet is to raise a support ticket.