PureRAW 2 output DNG files don't retain Lightroom edits

When I process an image in PR2 (Trial version while I try it out), I have often already applied edits in Lightroom - most of the files I’m processing are older photos. I want to retain the edits in the output file so I don’t have to rework the images.

So, for example, if I process a RAW image that I have converted to B&W, the resultant DNG photo will be in colour - just like the original RAW. This happens regardless of whether the selected output format is DNG or JPEG.

How to I set up so that my LR edits are retained when I process the images in PR"?

I use the Lightroom Integrated Workflow method.

DxO’s PureRAW 2 Manual states:

“If you process images that have already been edited in Lightroom Classic, the corrections to the originals will be automatically applied to the processed images. This applies to all tools in the Processing module, including the Mask (local adjustment), crop, and black-and-white conversion tools as well as the application of input profiles and pre-defined development settings.”

You can’t. PureRAW will always treat the original RAW file. DPR is meant to be a pre-processor which you use first, before adjusting other things in other editors.

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Thank you.

So what does the extract from the manual I quoted in my question mean?

Imo, it says that, if you have already added a few adjustments before sending the image to PureRAW, these adjustments should automatically be re-applied, once DPR’s exported DNG files appear in Lightroom. I think I’ve seen it work, but it didn’t when I just tested it now…

I found that Lightroom’s settings must be saved in a .xmp sidecar before processing the image in DPR. Only then will (some of) Lr’s adjustments be re-applied.

Check Lightroom’s catalog settings for automatic export of XMP.

Check the box in the pink frame, mine shows to be off, which is what I want it to be.

This used to work perfectly for me. I have my catalogue set up to automatically save an xmp-file, and then the DxO version would adjust accordingly. But now, for some reason, it doesn’t work any more. Now I have to copy/past the adjustments from the original raw-file.

I would expect that you can copy the edits in Lightroom (Shift+Ctrl+C) from your original RAW file and paste (Shift+Ctrl+V) to the DXO DNG.

Yes, that is what I have had to do. But it’s time consuming thing when you shoot hundreds of concert images :wink:

But I have figured ut that if I actively save the adjustments (cmd+s) before sending the image to PureRaw then it works.

In Lightroom catalog settings, under metadata, make sure to select ‘automatically write changes to xmp’.

This way, any changes to your edits will be saved to a sidecar file. PureRaw2 will honour these changes on re-import, excluding noise reduction settings and lens corrections (as those would be redundant).

I’m assuming this only works going forward. Also, there might be mismatches with masks if a different set of lens corrections are applied, compared to previously.

Yeah, but no. It works for one image (and sometimes for a few) but if I select multiple images it doesn’t work.