PureRaw 2 "DXO" Folder is supper annoying in Lightroom, we need a third option for output path management

Using Lightroom, DXO PureRaw 2 stores the output file(s) in a DXO folder in the same foilder as the original images. This drives me nuts ! :

Not only it interrupts my workflow because I’m jumped into the DXO folder, loosing the context of the other images,
But it prevents to store the image in stacks, as LR won’t allow stacks between different folder.

I know there’s another option, output in a custom path, but that’s not what I want, I want the output image next to the original in the same folder as the original (changing the custom path everytime is a micro managing thing I don’t want to do).

Thanks for adding a third option: output file next to the originals.


+1 from me!

+1 from me!

…so you propose additional output options like

  • same folder as original image
  • stack with original image

I don’t use PR2, but why not a similar dialog as in DPL5
Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-01 um 14.12.03

Another step to harmonise the User Interface within all the DXP products

yes indeed

This is exactly how I use PureRAW 2 too, I’d pay for the application all over again if it allowed me to:

  • Output to original folder
  • Stack with original image

This is EXACTLY what I want and what I currently do manually. I cannot upvote this suggestion enough!

fixed in 3,7, amazing, now I enjoy using it again, many thanks

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