PureRAW 2 and Magic Lantern Dual ISOs

I have DNGs that are processed through ML Dual-ISO and they fail with PureRAW 2.

I can only think that it might be EXIF related, ie PureRAW needs EXIF info and the ML Dual-ISO DNG does have a full EXIF field.

The PureRAW just comes out black with a few artifacts.

According to DxO’s support page, PureRAW DNG support comes within the following limits:

DxO PureRAW will accept DNG files created natively by supported cameras found in the list of supported cameras and lenses. DxO PureRAW also supports DNG format if original RAW format is supported in the program BUT only as long as they have been generated by Adobe Lightroom, or Adobe DNG Converter (RAW DNG) without any further corrections.

To view the supported cameras & lenses page directly, click on this link .