PureRAW 2 alters EXIF & IPTC data

I’m currently in my 30-day trial phase and love the results. However, there is one buggy behavior that prevents me from actually using the software; it alters the EXIF & IPTC data.

What gets altered seemingly depends on different RAW file types. With Fuji RAF (X-H2) files, it deletes things like location (City, State, Country), White balance, and Flash compensation info. It also adds a special character into the copyright field. With Nikon NEF (D3, D750) files, it removes Drive mode/self-timer info and vendor-specific info for the lens (only keeps the focal length).

There might be more stuff that gets altered but during my limited testing, that’s what I found so far. Needless to say, none of the EXIF & IPTC data should be altered by the software, except one field which is: “EXIF - Camera - Software”.

I have reported this bug directly via the support form but given that there is a similar post here from a year ago, I’m not too hopeful that this is being addressed. It’s a shame because that’s a dealbreaker for me.

Are you saying this EXIF data is modified in the original RAW file (which should not be modified in any way) or in the output DNG file?

Haven’t seen DPR change any of my RAW files.

Writing metadata to output files is a different thing though. As long as we don’t get more precise info, the potential issue remains hard to evaluate.

Ah no, not in the original RAW file but in the DNG. After conversion, the DNG is now the new “raw” file from which any edits are exported. The resulting export then has wrong/missing pieces of metadata that were present in the original RAW file.

There is no reason for DxO to alter the name of the lens, remove location data or mess with IPTC information. This clearly seems to be a bug.

I’ll post some screenshots later of direct comparisons of RAW and DNG file. Hopefully that shows the issue more clearly.

Attached here is the comparison between the RAW and the converted DxO DNG. It alters certain metadata that it absolutely shouldn’t touch:

Looks like something that DxO support should investigate.

Use this to enter your request:

Indeed. I filed a bug report (https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/requests/399389) even before I created this post but so far, there has been no update. I’m close to half-way through the trial, I’m just wondering how long it usually takes for them to respond or even fix issues.

Although, as mentioned in my initial post, there is another post about the same issue, which is a year old. I don’t know if it was ever filed as a support request but it doesn’t bode well that the issue is still around.

Times vary. Don’t hold your breath!

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Yeah, that’s my concern. Meanwhile, found another post that mentions this issue…

Since April 22 I’m trying to get a problem fixed with LR workflow. I don’t know why the development isn’t able to fix it. Meanwhile I have another bug that was working in older versions but was introduced in one of the later releases. And I hate it to read inside each release note “small bug fixing” without naming what they really have fixed. At least none of my reported ones. I mean I love the software but turnaround times of DxO are the worst among my software companies.