Pure Raw3 Lightroom processing to jpg

I have a somewhat unusual issue. I have a lot of raw files in LR, some of which I want to re-process in Pure Raw. Using the LR plugin the program reads the xmp files and preserves most of the changes made in the raw file, which is fine, but brings back the file as a linear dng. I don’t want the dng and just want to export a jpg without import into the LR catalog. I would guess the standalone program does not read the xmp file and so does not preserve Lightroom changes. Is there a way to do what I want?

Welcome to the forum @roysto

Open PureRAW and select the images you want to develop. Then, set the desired corrections, target folder and export format. Use the manual for help.

Once DPR has finished, point Lr to the target folder and import it or sync it.