Pure Raw no longer opening iOS Lightroom Camera DMGs

Hi all

Since Pure Raw 1 came out I have been using it, the v2 and v3, to open DNG’s captured on my iPhones using the camera in Lightroom set to dng. This has salvaged some seriously noisy images.

Today I tried to do it as usual and got the ‘image has been processed already or is corrupted’ message. I did upgrade the phone in Feb to an iPhone 14 Pro, but I have processed images captured as above since then. I get that you can’t process Apple Pro Raw with DXO because it’s not a real Raw file, but the Lightroom DNGs have never given me trouble before. In the past I have even been able to export with settings and process those DNGs in Pure Raw. All of a sudden it’s not working, either with DNG+Setting export or straight DNG.

Does anyone know why this is happening now when it wasn’t before, please?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.