Pure Raw import to Lightroom Classic

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New to the forum and new to DXO and a rank amateur so I’m sure what I am doing is wrong… or my misunderstanding… that said I’ll attempt to explain what is going on.

In an attempt to establish a workflow with DXO PR3 and Lightroom i’m experimenting a bit.

My usual workflow is Card into reader - import in to LRC as a copy to a folder organised as YYYMMDD - Subject all under a parent folder of the camera name

I was experimenting doing similar excet using DXO as the import side - open images in PR3 > Process and save to folder YYYYMMDD - Subject > Export to Lightroom (With originals) and this is where it gets stuck - No matter what I try (including full clean install of LR - will all settings / presets etc blown away) the import dialog always defaults to the SD card… and never switches over to the folder i’ve just saved all the DXO files to…

I’m sure its me and i’m unlikely to go this way with workflow (likely to do LR import, Cull, PR3 process selected files and then edit) however I like the idea of just bulk import of the session as I can walk away and let it do its thing… whereas the selective process from LRC interrupts my workflow while I wait for it to process the files.

Has anyone seen this behaviour or can point me to what might be going on?

As an aside - as a fuji xt4 user… i’m blown away by the processing… compared to LR output…

Thanks in advance


Welcome to the forum @5teve

Imo, the most robust way of working with DPR and LrC is to use DPR as a standalone app. The process would then be as follows:

  1. Copy image files from card to folder with Lightroom
  2. Pre-process images in DPR with the default subfolder as target
  3. Sync the Folder with LrC. This will add the default subfolder and its contents

Work the images in the default subfolder with LrC.
If you must move the image files, do it in LrC!

Thanks @platypus

This is another option I havent explored kind of an in between of my 2 options. Appreciate a different point of view - Kind of more realistic now having just got myself an nvidia 3060ti so processing times are a bit less daunting that the old 2gb gtx1050 - I can now process around 14 images in the same time i could do one with dpxd…

I still wonder about the export with originals not working and i’m also one struck with the auto import of images (after selcted processing) taking minutes to occur… which I have to assume must be a bit of a bug or issue as others are seeing it too…

Either way as a fuji xt4 user its almost a must for the very good demosaicing and still being able to keep most of my lightroom workflow… I still dabble with darktable as a bit of fun and that creates some great results too without dxo…


Not sure if DeepPRIME works for X-Trans sensor cameras. Have you checked results between DP and DPXD?

Sorry I wasnt notified of the response… Yes it does work fine with X trans… and latest version works very well and imports quickly now (before it took minutes to trigger the import) - obviously sorted that bug… now i have another… but i’ll post another topic!

I think I have a workflow sorted… just need to get over this other stuff…


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