Pure Raw as LR Plugin


when i export to Pure RAW3 as a Ligthroom Classi Plugin, all my settings and developments which i did in LR Calssic before are not accepted. What is going wrong there?

That will be because the Lightroom settings are proprietary and not in a format the PureRAW can read.

All Pure RAW knows how to do is read untouched RAW files

In the user guide, we can read the following (and more…)

The purpose of DxO PureRAW 3 is simple: … by applying optical corrections and DxO denoising to your Raw files, and then doing the rest of the processing in your usual program, you will enjoy the best possible results…

User Guide in German

hm…but on the Dxo Website it sounds verry different.
And i find out that PR3 will show all settings from LR when a XMP file exists, the it works

I’ve never seen DPR showing edits done in Lightroom, but exported DNGs that show up again in Lightroom can assume Lr’s edit, if (and only if) .xmp sidecars exist.

but the we do not need a plugin version

Not clear, please use more words to describe what you are doing and expecting.

Used DEEPL to translate your text if necessary

The purpose of DxO PureRAW, is to produce a rendered file that benefits from the excellent noise reduction and optical corrections offered by the application. DxO PureRAW, does not recognise any editing you have previously done to a file in Lightroom Classic. The Lightroom plugin allows you to conveniently export a raw file to DxO PureRAW. The file after rendering, is returned to a DxO PureRAW Smart Collection and added to your Lightroom catalog. This file is the one you would process in Lightroom Classic. To maintain a raw work flow you need to export a linear DNG file from DxO PureRAW.

Hm i am wondering why DxO writes :“Use PureRAW 3 as a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom® and apply world-class processing at any editing stage.”

When you wrtei XMP Files im LR, then all steps from further development in LR will be accepted from DxO

Where do you find that quote?

This feels like a sales statement and needs a lot of interpretation to make it true…something like this e.g.: You can, at any stage, customize and process the original raw file in DPR.

The statement does not say, that anything from the editing stages will be taken into account. It certainly raises the expectation though.


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The attached screenshot is a side by side comparison of what happens when you process a file with Lightroom Classic edits in DxO PureRAW.

None of the edits I did in Lightroom Classic have carried over to the file produced by DxO PureRAW.

DxO PureRAW provides a choice of output formats: DNG (linear); jpeg and in the case of PureRAW 3 Tiff. However none of these file types will contain any edits you may have done in Lightroom Classic.

Metadata and keywording however gets written to the file exported by DxO PureRAW.



As i wrote before, when you save an XMP File with the original RAW File, all edits will be carried

Only those edits made in Lr will remain because PL neither reads nor writes settings from/to the XMP sidecar files, only metadata.

When it comes to image editing, PL only reads and writes from/to its own database and/or its own DOP sidecar files.

As for PureRAW, it is essentially just a Raw converter, which doesn’t know anything about editing changes made and stored in any accompanying XMP sidecars.

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My installation as of PureRaw3 DOES preserve lightroom edits. If I edit in LR, then go File → Plug-in Extras, Process with DXO PureRaw3, I get a copy of the new file as a DNG in my LR timeline WITH all of the edits that I made up to that point. I am not exporting a TIFF or anything like that (don’t use right-click, Edit In…).

I was pleasantly surprised to discover this.

However, my wife installed it on her computer, and it’s NOT doing that. She is getting the untouched raw back from PureRaw and has to copy the edits over.

Is there a setting that determines this? Why might mine be working seamlessly and hers not?

Lightroom can apply corrections to DPR exported files under a few conditions

  • XMP sidecars are present
  • Exported images come as DNGs and are in the same folder as the source image ← this requires DPR to be set to write exported files to the original folder OR manually moving the files, in Lightroom, to the original folder!
  • Lightroom is set to calculate previews (vs. showing the built-in previews) or one needs to display the image in a large preview or in the Develop module.

Note: After exporting and and showing up in Lightroom, the exported files might look look like the original RAW image instead of what is shown due to settings applied in Lightroom. Lightroom edits can carry over to images exported by DPR, but the conditions mentioned above must be met.

Just to clarify: DPR always processes the unaltered RAW file and Lightroom edits are only applied after export, to the exported (DNG) files by Lightroom.

Limitation: If an image has been flipped in Lightroom, the exported file has to be flipped manually. Flipping does not carry over!

I have just re-read the PureRAW manuals and they clearly state the following:

If you process images that have already been edited in Lightroom Classic, the corrections to the
originals will be automatically applied to the processed images. This applies to all tools in the
Processing module, including the Mask (local adjustment), crop, and black-and-white conversion
tools as well as the application of input profiles and pre-defined development settings.
To avoid applying the same correction twice, only the corrections from the Detail panel
(Sharpness and Noise Reduction) and the Lens Correction panel are not transfered. The sliders in
the Detail panel are set to 0, and no chromatic aberration profiles are activated in the Lens
Correction panel.
Of course, after processing, you can use all the tools in Lightroom Classic’s Processing module
with the same range of editing options and possibilities as with the original RAW files.

Noting what platypus wrote: I processed 2 raw file in PureRAW and exported them back to the original folder; One of the files displayed the Lightroom Classic edits but the other did not.

It appears that contrary to my previous belief, if you apply edits to a raw file in LrC, they should be applied by the application when it imports the processed file from PureRAW. However it seems to be a bit hit and miss in practice!



Yes, it can be hit and miss, unless you know the prerequisites listed above. To be sure, if you want to know how your own configuration works, you’ll need to test it, also with other export file formats than DNG, should you need or want them.