Pure Raw and unsupported lenses

So, I posed this question to dxo support but who knows how long it might take to get an answer. I would be interested to hear opinions from forum members. My (second) favorite lens, the Nikkor 100-400z still shows to be unsupported on the DXO compatibility page. However, since the z9 is supported, the software allows me too convert the .nef file to a dng. When I compare the raw file and the converted dng file side by side I see absolutely no difference. So, my question when processing an image in DXO pure raw 2 that is not supported, what is actually occurring the that image? Are there any advantages to running a file from and unsupported lens through dxo pure raw 2?

You get your choice of noise reduction(Deep Prime) but no lens corrections. This file should be less noisy than the untreated RAW file but otherwise identical.