Pure Raw and Tiff?

I think Pure Raw should be able to export 16 bit tiff format.
I have tested several programs that can import DNG files.
These import the image correctly, but the colors are not equivalent.
It seems these programs ignore the color profile, which is embedded in the DNG file and use their inbuilt profile which they have for this camera.
I see this with my Olympus cameras, e.g. green grass is too saturated, yellow too orange and this looks exactly the same (in color) as if I had imported an ORF raw file directly. (I did exact comparisons)
Of course noise and sharpness are better.

The colors in the DXO generated jpeg are much better, but this is 8 bit only.
Affected programs are Affinity, Silkypix, Gimp+Rawtherapee. (I do not have Adobe software)
I believe this problem exists with most non-Adobe software.

If I import a Tiff file generated by PL5, the colors are fine.
It could be this problem is not so apparent with more popular cameras as Canon or Sony, but I use Olympus.