Purchasing DxO PhotoLab

I demo’d PhotoLab and am looking to purchase the Elite package. I find it very difficult to figure out what my purchasing options are since I am also considering the Nik2 collection which is on sale right now.
To make things more confusing I do own Dfine 2.0, which I purchased before Google purchased them, then with that currently have the Nik collection, but I cannot determine if the versions I have are the current versions by DxO.
The current Nik 2 collection includes the PhotoLab Standard. If I purchased the collection, how can I find out what the cost to upgrade PhotoLab to Elite.

I would appreciate any assistance. I could not find any way to contact DxO on the website and ask any questions.

Thanks in advance,

Hello @Mike77,

Actually you will se all your purchases and the price for upgade in your personal account at dxo.com.

Svetlana G.

Suggest you wait for NIK3.0. The changes between Google NIK, DxO’s v1 and 2 are marginal. If your current NIK is working for you and you don’t need 4k you can stay where you are at. PLE is a fantastic software. v3 should be released in Oct or Nov. We do not know when NIK v3 will be released. So it’s up to you.