Purchase apps individually

If Silver Efex or HDR Efex, for examples, were improved to the point they regained their status as superior products, I would like the option to purchase just those modules.
The modules that I rarely use or that are good enough as-is, I’m happy to continue using the old versions.

The cost is so low now, it doesn’t really make sense for them to sell them individually. Hell, the whole suite is cheaper than a single package was when Nik Software was selling it.

Note how Topaz sells the Pro Adjustments for Studio individually. Few people are going to pay $200-$300 for the full collection of adjustments if they really only want the black and white tool. So Topaz sells the black and white tool separately for $15.

Practically no software costs as much today as it did years ago; Nik Software’s pricing scheme from 2012 is not relevant. It’s particularly moot considering that in 2012 it was modern cutting edge software, but for all intents and purposes is now eight-year-old software. In it’s current state of course.

Could Corel today sell Paintshop Pro X3 for $100, it’s original 2012 full price?

Also, related, is the desired capability to install and uninstall the individual modules separately:
For example if I were to need the improved 2019 Silver Efex, find the vintage Analog Efex is good enough, and I have no need for the HDR Efex whatsoever.

I agree Bob. It may be cheap enough top buy the complete package, but looking outside of cost, you end up with programs you don’t need and when an upgrade comes out, you will pay for the complete package again. If we do have to buy the complete package, thats okay with me, but I would still like the option of what I put on my drive.

Keep as is. The cost is low enough.