PS Elements Issue

For the first time since I’ve been using DxO NIK Collection I am no longer able to use the Automation Tools area to open all the collection. (I downloaded the latest non-DxO version on May 15.) I can open the tools individually if I use Filter. I prefer to use the Automation tools area but don’t know how to get that back in service. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.

Hello sanhodo,
You are facing this issue on Mac or Windows?

Can you uninstall Nik collection and ensure that the folder DxO is removed from Plug-ins directory of Photoshop Elements 15 installation folder?
Then you can reinstall DxO Nik and check again.
Because i can not reproduce this issue on my side, i can open Selective Tool palette Automation Tools


Thank you. I am using a Mac. The issue may have corrected itself after PSE crashed and then I restarted it. But I will follow your advice if I have the same issue. I read on the forum that DxO will be coming out with an updated version in June, so maybe that will cure some ills. I also saw that PSE doesn’t do HDR. I have been able to use the HDR function, but separately from the automated choices by going into filter, I believe, and selecting HDR.

Thanks again.