PS ACR import presets not being applied when opening DxO DNG

When I open a RAW image in Photoshop (Adobe Camera RAW) I have set it up to automatically apply an Import/Develop Preset according to the camera in use.

I was hoping to simply pre-process my RAW files with DxO PureRAW and then open the DxO DNGs in Photoshop and the right preset would still be applied. But when I open a DxO DNG my develop presets aren’t applied and I have to manually apply. If I create a DNG from the RAW using Adobe DNG convertor and open that in PS, the preset are correctly applied. What’s different (or wrong?) with the DNGs that DxO creates such that PS doesn’t apply develop preset?


Maybe PureRaw removes the exif that are needed to apply automatically the preset in Lightroom !?

It seems that DxO PureRAW is adding something to the DNG, probably to inhibit further sharpening, noise reduction and lens corrections. If I use the DNG Cleaner App to remove opcodes, then Adobe Camera RAW applies the correct preset. I modified my ACR presets to remove further sharpening, NR, and lens corrections, and now everything works fine.