Provide option to save DNG file in same folder as original raw file (not in a DxO folder)

Currently the options for saving a DNG are

  • DxO folder in the original image(s) folder
  • Custom folder

Please provide the option to save the file in the original image(s) folder.
The application knows the location of each file, so why not let it place them there ?
I don’t want to create a special DxO folder. I have enough folders already :smiley:


Use the custom folder option and point it to the original folder…

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Yes, but you have to do that every time when it’s a different folder. A minor hassle, but hassle nonetheless. Other programmes (eg Topaz) have this option.



Maybe you have misunderstood, or maybe there is something I am not doing correctly.
For example, the last time I used PR2 it was to process an image that was in my Guatemala 2019 folder. Now I want to process one from my Spain 2021 folder, so I have to choose that folder manually. If the next image is in my Portugal 2021 folder, I have to choose that manually.And so on.
I have just noticed that there is the ability to select a folder as a favourite, which is a help admittedly.

That is the existing functionality, but the point of my feature request is to spare users from having to do that every time. Let the default be to save the image “in place”. That’s what other editing applications do, like text editors: the default is to save the item you’re editing, right where it is. If you want to put it somewhere else, you can do that.

Additionally, if we batch-convert images which originate from multiple folders, the default behavior should be to save the output files back to their folders of origin. Otherwise we have to do that all by hand, for each file, if we can even remember them all.

Perhaps there is some value in having many embedded DxO folders, but I fail to see it. I have already created my own folder structure.

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I didn’t see it was for PureRaw.
Another strange difference between the different dxo programs.