Protocol in this section

A place to post photos for CC about the photo rather than editing techniques?

Techniques advice still goes in tips tutorial and tricks forum where you post dop and original?

This is the “cafe” that mike wished for??

Have i got this correct?

Nope. Someone else came up with the “Cafe” idea, which I thought was great. If you scroll back far enough, you’ll find out who suggested the name, and what his thoughts were. I don’t want to post his name here, but maybe he will comment soon. I think what DxO has created, is exactly what he asked for. Search for it when you have some free time…

About the .dop and original image files - I will continue like what I usually do, post both the original file, and usually the .dop file. I screwed around with so many things in the image I just posted, I don’t think the .dop will be useful to anyone.

Where to post things? What do you suggest?
It ain’t up to me.
I 'recon it’s up to each of you.

  • Photos probably ought to go here, so each photo has its own thread.

  • I guess “chat” would fit in the new forum as well.

  • DSLR vs Mirrorless - I’d post that as “chat”, if I was entering something about that.

  • For a serious technical question about PhotoLab, that’s neither an image or a good place for ‘chat’, as I see it. For questions about how to use a DxO program, for me, I’ll likely post that in the main forum, just like before.

None of this is up to me. I think it’s a good improvement to the DxO forums, providing a place to just “chat”, and discuss our photos.

What do you think?