Protect Image PhotoLab4

Hello friends.
I have purchased PhotoLab4 Elite version and come from using Nikon Capture NX-D which shows if an image is protected or not from the camera and allows to select protection as well.
I like this function because use image protection too much on the camera to avoid deleting an image accidentaly and it´s a way to know I have reviewed the image and is fine for me.

I´m not being able to find this function on PhotoLab4. Could you help me, please?

Thanks and regards

That protection is only for the camera. Once an image has been transferred from your camera to your hard drive, it behaves like any other file, which means it can be deleted.

The main difference is that, on both Windows and macOS, files tend to go to the trash and can be recovered from there if the deletion was accidental.

Hello dear Joanna,
thanks so much for your kind reply. So I fear this feature is not available on this software. I don´t understand why, I see it very simple compared to all those sofisticated things it is able to do. Nikon software has this feature like the camera offers. If you protect a picture on the camera then it´s shown protected on the software. By other hand, Nikon software doesn´t ask if you want to delete a picture after clicking “Supr”, and PhotoLab4 does show that dialog.

Kind regards

Hi, Rafael. It sounds like a Nikon proprietary (brand-specific) feature - but since you created this topic as a feature request (asking for something not yet available in the software), you can recommend it to DxO staff by clicking on the Vote button above. :slightly_smiling_face: