Profile support for DJI Air 2S (FC3411)

As in the title, support for new DJI Air2S ( FC3411)


Currently, the new DJI Mavic Air 2S drone has appeared on the market. It is a development of the previous MA2 model from last year. Adobe has already updated the ability to edit DNG files in its Lightroom and Photoshop programs. When will this happen in Phololab 4 DXO?


Please support this drone! It has marvelous camera and can output RAW DNG. Really need DXO to support it for digging more details than lightroom!

Hi friends, while DXO is leaving us waiting here, I’ve somehow managed to get at least SOME features working on your DNG files.

The trick is to modify your exif information.

I’d highly suggest you choose your raw files first in LR, then copy out the picked files only.
Copy the files out to a folder, and put the exiftool program in the same folder.
Please make sure that you have a raw file back up. Just in case that DXO drop the support with the new version sometime in the future.

Exiftool can be downloaded here:
It’s free and open-sourced. Both Windows and Mac version works similarly.

So now you have your exiftool’s excutable file and the raw files in the same folder.

On Windows: hold shift while right clicking on the folder, select to Open in Command Line or PowerShell or Windows Terminal… anyway, some sort of console terminal :wink:

./exiftool(-k).exe -Make=“HASSELBLAD” -ext dng .
./exiftool(-k).exe -Model=“L1D-20C” -ext dng .

The first and last " . " symbol is IMPORTANT. It indicates that the terminal to find files needed from the current folder.
The sensor on DJI Air 2S is similar from the Mavic 2 Pro so I simply borrowed the model’s name from it. And yes, it works, at least for a bunch of stuff including everyone’s favourite: DeepPrime!

Now you can open the files with DXO PhotoLab. Just remember NOT to apply the default lens corrections from DXO modules. These default module corrections were made for M2Pro with a completely different lens. You should be doing anti-vignetting manually, and DON’T enable any distortion fixes, because there’s basically no need to do distortion correction, the drone seem to have done that for you already.

For anti-vignetting: 80 for Intensity and 80 for Middle (in advanced settings) seemed to be working fine for me. You can try other values too.


DJI Air 2S and Mini 2 are currently in our Labo :slight_smile:
So they will be supported in the autumn release.


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Thank you Marie: I’m another user who can’t wait to get support for the Air 2s.

That’s great to hear! Thanks!


I followed your instruction and got the following error message
‘.’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

How can I resolve this issue?

Hi Marie,

I hope your PURERaw can support Mavic mini 2 and Air 2s as well.

@jcw6688 ,

it will :slight_smile:


Hello Marie,
Why is DJI Air 2S not supported by PL4, with the autumn release? Why is it only supported in PL5? Please make PL4 support it!

Not supporting new cameras for PL4 makes me think that DXO would only add camera supports to NEW PAID UPGRADES instead of long term support on current customers. It deeply hurts!

Yup, they got us…I am not a happy camper with this having to spend more for a new version when the Air2S profile is just an update, not a “new feature”.
Even the Adobe programs add new models/lenses as updates without having to buy a whole new version


in what version of PhotoLab cameras go is not my responsability.
It’s usual we release new cameras in new PhotoLab and it’s very rare we release PL version n-1 as same time as new PL version n. This time is done to give OS compatibility to PL4.
Sorry I can’t propose a solution.


6 month to support a DJI Drone, 3 year to not support a Parrot drone. Buy French software. A yes, Adobe support it from the beginning.