Profile for Canon RF 100-500mm not consistent across Zoom Range

Normally, when I turn off lens corrections in DxO, images processed with and without DxO Pure Raw have identical lens corrections (i.e. I could process with and without and open them up in Photoshop and they will be in registration). I’ve never seen an instance where this isn’t the case until now. Unless I’ve never noticed this before, I’m wondering if DxO made a change that broke this. This only happens in the middle of the zoom range. After seeing this on one image I looked for others and then shot a scene at different zoom focal lengths. At both ends they are identical (100mm, 135mm and 451mm and 500mm). In middle focal lengths that i tested (186, 200, 270, 300, 343, 400mm) they are different and the DxO profile looks to me like it has more distortion. Can anyone confirm this? Who/how would I contact someone at DxO to report this?

The screenshots show. 1. My settings. 2. Without DxO. 3. With DxO. Notice that the right side looks both different and less straight.

DxO Pure Raw 3 v 3.8.0. Capture One software. Mac OS Sonoma 14.3

We might consider sample variations. If DxO measures a lens at one end of tolerances and C1 gets one at the other end, corrections can be different,
specially with a lens with a lot of moving parts.
(carefully size and move the image to fit)

what happened in C1 ? C1 can in principle : (A) switch optics correct OFF (B) use C1 produced optics correction (C) use manufacturer’s optics correction ( may be they can’t access that for Canon - but in this case it is easy to check with DPP4 OR with Iridient C-Transformer, that can read Canon’s optics correction and apply it if you direct it to apply )