Processing of tiff file when returns to PL from Nik collection

Sorry if I’m being slow here but been looking for an answer to this and can’t find in any of the manuals…

When I send a file (as a tiff) to one of the Nik collection plugins from PhotoLab, edit it, and then click “Apply”, it appears back in PL as a new tiff alongside the original raw file in the PL browser. I then need to select that tiff file to do further processing/tidying up in PL before exporting as a jpeg.

What default processing is applied by PL second time round to the tiff file? I have the default setting for RGB files (DxO standard), but surely you don’t want those to be re-applied to the tiff when it comes back from creative processing in the Nik plugin? Does PL somehow know not to reapply initial processing to such a file (because it has Nik added to the filename or via metadata)? Presumably I don’t have to either change my default or manually reset the image each time?

Hope my question makes sense. Grateful for advice.


I think I’ve answered my own question by playing around a bit.

PhotoLab recognises both tiff files that have come back from a Nik plugin or that it has exported to disk itself and does not apply any further correction - which is of course what you want to happen.

I’m not sure whether this is because of the addition of DxO or Nik to the filename or through some metadata (but I guess I could play around further and find out!).

Corrections are ‘only’ applied to new files = files newly discovered by PL.

and when in → Preferences set like this (Windows version)
no RGB file will get a correction automatically

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