Processing infrared tiff files

Hi all, Just purchased dxo photolab7 and working through the application. I am using an old sony cybershot dsc 717 camera and it saves files in TFF format. it best to process in photolab or in NIK foftware, and does the photolab software auto denoise as the files are shot at 1/60 sec f2.0 a2 100 iso with a 720nm filter.
Any suggestions helpful

PhotoLab’s state-of-the-art DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD noise reduction features only work on raw files from supported cameras. Although you can edit Tiffs and Jpegs with it, PhotoLab’s main purpose is as a raw file processor and editor. Even PhotoLab’s highly touted camera and lens profiles are geared mostly towards raw files although there are a number of them that also work with jpeg files.


Thanks for confirming the use of dxo photolab. I had suspected that both dcraw and photolab could process raw files with a lot of options, my sony only saves in tiff or jpg.
So my workflow seems to be using nik software toe extract the embedded features in the tiff file. .
Have yiou had any problems with saving to a photoshop application from the option in the dropdowm menu for export to application.
My experience so far is to only export to the exploere function.

I do all my processing in PhotoLab 7 and the Nik Collection. Perhaps others can assist you with that question.