Processing Error with Pureraw 3 & Helicon Focus

Recently I have been getting processing errors when using DeepPrimeXD. Unfortunately there is no way to know what the errors are/cause - “These images are either not supported or have already been in DxO PureRaw, or the files may be corrupted”. I am using a Canon T6i w/Canon EF-S lens. I sent a question to DxO and they responded that I should try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. This did not solve my problem. I do not get the error messages if I use RAW (.cr2) files straight from the camera. I do get the error messages when I try to use any RAW files (same .cr2) created when using Helicon Focus for focus stacking. These RAW files are from the Canon camera and generated via Helicon Focus Remote, BUT NOT focus stacked into a single file.

Has anyone had a similar processing errors with any other software. Has anyone figured out what the specific processing error are/cause.

Thanks for any help.