Processing Canon "Tonal Priority" Flag

Hi, I am currently dealing with Canon “tonal priority” (translated with deepl) and have read that CR2-RAWS are flagged and this flag is read and processed by Canon DPP and Lightroom.I guess that means the other way around that apparently not all RAW converters work with it. Does anyone have any info if PL 4.3e processes the flag? As an amateur I don’t use LR, can’t compare and have no idea to test it myself.


Since the RAW file of a shot contains this special “digital” interpretation of the analogue sensor data, the tonal value priority - unlike the automatic exposure optimisation, by the way - also affects RAW files of the camera. The RAW file is provided with a so-called flag, i.e. marked. Canon’s own RAW converter Digital Photo Professional recognises this flag and adjusts the image display accordingly. Lightroom, as a third-party solution, can also recognise images with tonal priority and tries to adapt the display accordingly. However, especially with accidentally underexposed images, the effects are intensified with this programme and the image noise becomes clearly visible during processing.
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