Processing Canon CR3 files fail since upgrading to latest version

After upgrading to latest pureraw version my Canon CR3 files fail to process correctly most of the time. They end up being all black except for a couple of colored triangles in upper left corner. I reinstalled both LR Classic and Pureraw. Windows 10 machine.

Same issue here IF I process the file in Lightroom before evoking PureRaw. Make no changes before running PureRaw and no issue.

I have the same issues processing directly in the DXO app on my Surface Laptop Studio. Build version 2.3 was working consistently. Updated to version 2.5 today and it produces mostly black images with various purple blotches / squares. I’ve gone back to 2.3 and it works again.

I’m having the same problem with Canon and Olympus files when using PureRAW 3. The issue only occurs when using the GPU, but not if processing using the CPU. Unfortunately the CPU is dreadfully slow to process.


Update your GPU driver.

I’m processing Canon CR3 files directly in PureRaw 3 and DeepPrime XD fails every time, with the same issues as mentioned above. Image is black with a few colored rectangles at the top. DeepPrime works fine so the issue is only with XD. I’ve only downloaded the trial version, thankfully, but will not be purchasing it if this is not fixed as I already own Topaz products.

Which graphics card are you using? Is it updated with the most recent drivers?


@rrblint Thanks. I did yesterday to the latest version, but it had no effect. The GPU is the AMD Radeon Pro WX 3100.


Is that an integrated GPU? I’m not sure that PR 3 even supports that card. Have you tried using CPU only?

@rrblint Not sure what you mean by an integrated GPU. It is a separate card and not integrated into the CPU chip. Under preferences it says that partially supported GPUs are marked with an *. As there is no *, then I would assume the card is supported. I’d be grateful if you are able to confirm one way or another. I can confirm that PR 3 runs using the CPU, but takes 2 minutes per image which is barely acceptable.


If it is listed in the DeepPRIME acceleration tab and does not have a “*” then it is supported. I would recommend that you open a support ticket at They can assist you further.

I just looked you card up on the TechPowerup card database and it is way down in the list. My card, the Nvidia GTX 1050 ti is on the low end of supported cards and is even lower than the minimum recommended card for processing DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD. However, It works just fine although it is a bit slower than I would prefer. Your card is very significantly less powerful than mine and falls very far below the recommended minimum supported card. I doubt that it will support DeepPRIME and DepPRIME XD processing, even partially. You computer’s CPU is probably faster.


@mwsilvers Thanks so much for the information. It looks like, even if by tweaking something I could get the card to work, I would benefit enormously by buying a faster card. I think that’s what I’ll have to do and not waste too much time on trying to get my current card to work. In the meantime I can run PR3 on the CPU and I’ll just have to put up with a 2 minute run time. Thanks again.


Keep in mind, depending upon which card you buy you may require a new power supply. Not all power supplies allow you to connect graphic cards directly to them which I believe is a requirement for most of the higher end cards. My Nvidia GTX 1050 ti did not require a connection to my older power supply which is the reason I chose it in the first place.


@mwsilvers Thanks for the info. As it happens I’ve asked my daughter to check what’s best with her techie friends. Very reluctant to open a whole can of worms.

The power supply in my PC is rated at 400W, but of course I’ve no idea what all the other stuff in the box need.


The important thing is to buy a card that is hardware compatible. Additionally, I suggest before you actually purchase one to check back with us to determine If it will meet the requirements for processing DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD.


This is very annoying. Supposedly my graphics card is fully supported, yet the images will not process in DeepPrime XD with that card selected. They will process with the CPU Only setting, but it takes one image over 10 minutes, which is pathetic, especially if you need to do a large batch of images. Not sure if I’ll purchase this software or not…

What card are you using? Have you updated the driver recently?

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Thanks Mark. Updating the driver did the trick.