Process the same images with two different settings? Need a copy?


I am processing many imagens with PhotoLab2 and FilmPack5.
Is there a way to process a set of images with a Film preset and the same set with another preset and access both in a separate way?
The goal is to keep two sets of images processed and ready to export. The same images with different editions.
Maybe making a copy of the set of images (I can do that on my RAW folder)? But is there a way to make duplicates inside Photolab2? Will this be a duplicate of my RAW files? If so I can do that within my usual Mac folders organization.

Thank you.

Just create virtual copies. Command is available in the context menu inside the film strip.

Hi Asser, thanks for your help.

Ctrl+click>Create Virtual Copy; ok.

What exactly is this copy? Not a duplicate of my RAW files? Just a virtual representation of those files for editing purposes?
Where is it stored? Can I choose location (inside the same files folder, to keep track easily)?
What about weight/space occupied?

1- Ctrl+ J to create a virtual copy
2- It is a virtual representation. Your dop sidecar two twice as big.


The same .dop side car, but twice as big?
Nice feature.

Original is (1)
Virtual Copy is (2)

Is it possible to see each at a time in the film strip?

Piked Images/Untagged Images
one can see/sellect/edit each group

Try by yourself :wink:

There is no concept of original and copy with virtual copies.
Take a look


The raw data file exists exactly ones, it is never cloned. A virtual copy is a container of independent non destructive settings you apply on a raw file. Even if you apply settings without creating a virtual copy explicitely, these settings are stored in the first implicit virtual copy. By creating a second virtual copy, you just say, that you want a second independent settings set.

Got it.
Nice resources, Pascal.
Thanks a lot.

Thank you .-)
That´s what I was expecting. Non destructive process.

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