Proceed several images in one go with NIK Collection

I choose/chose several images in Capture One, “work” them with Analog Effex Pro, realizing, that several images are opened in Analog Effex Pro, use a preset and the result is, that no image is processed finally. No matter if jpg or tiff . If I do the same process with one image only it works as expected. In former times I used a free version of analog effex pro (google times) and it was a breeze to proceed several images in one process altogether. What am I missing?
I was in contact with support but no help and always say it is a problem with Capture One, which it isn’t at all. Of course I also tried to open several images (tiff) out of NIK as a standalone version, but also the same issue. It preceeds only one, the first image and not the following. Do I miss something here?

Thanks in advance and Kind Regards, Uwe

Hello. I use Lightroom Classic, not Capture One, and I can process multiple images as expected but there are a couple of variations in the steps for saving them.

Try this:

  • Close Capture One first (I’ll explain why in a moment).
  • Select several jpg images in Finder, right-click and choose “Open with Nik 6 Analog Efex.”
  • Make some changes to each of the images you opened.
  • From the menu bar, select “File/Save All” to save all the images you changed. (If instead you use the shortcut cmd-S, the application will only save one image – the image on screen when you press cmd-S.)

Did that work? If it didn’t, there may be something wrong with your installation and you should probably contact DxO again.

From Lightroom Classic, here’s how I process multiple images:

  • I select several images, then open them in Analog Efex.
  • When Analog Efex opens, there is now no File menu. Instead, at the bottom right of the screen, I see a button labeled “Apply All.”
  • I make some changes and select “Apply All” – Analog Efex processes them and returns to Lightroom.

So the difference is: if I open multiple images from Finder, I use “File/Save All” to save them. If I open multiple images from Lightroom, “File/Save All” is not available and I use the “Apply All” button to save them.

There’s a third variation that may or may not happen with Capture One. I think it’s a bug, but if Lightroom is running when I open images from Finder, the Nik apps assume I’ve come from Lightroom even though I opened them from Finder – and presents the “Apply All” button. This is confusing, I know, but it’s why I said to close Capture One in the first step above, in case the same thing occurs with a Capture One installation.

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Thanks, I will try.
Kind Regards,

Hi daleducatte,

yes, that how it works. Many thanks.
As you say, as long as I have Capture One working, one gets the message in the “footer” of the nik-window, that several Capture One images are modified. When Capture One is shut down, it works as you wrote.

I still find it sad, some may say ridiculous, that the former free version has had better implementations to all apps, including ON1, Capture One, Affinity and so on.

So, wish list, (is there a wishlist?) a plugin for Capture One with the ability to modify several images at once. That would be really professional and so would justify the professional price.

Again, many thanks and Kind Regards,

I saw this article on DxO’s support site (see that says “Many Capture One users successfully use it with Nik Collection” – but doesn’t say how.

Elsewhere I saw this description of how to set up Capture One to use the Nik Collection as an “external editor” (which is essentially what happens with Lightroom, though Nik sets that up automatically during installation and officially supports it). I don’t know if the information is current or accurate and of course can’t try it since I don’t have Capture One. But here it is:

And there is a post on this forum that (near the bottom) describes how to set it up for Windows, but may be adaptable to a Mac installation, at Add native Nik support for Capture One Pro - #12 by WitheringtonM.

If Capture One has a customer forum, you might also check there. If it’s possible, then SOMEONE has probably figured it out.



THX, I will have a look and let you and everybody know if it and how it works.
Kind Regards,