Problems with using DXO Pureraw 3 with Capture One and Fuji

I get the error message ‘These images are either not supported or have already been processed in DxO PureRaw, or the files may be corrupted’ when attempting to use ‘Edit With’ from Capture One. ‘Open with’ works with no issues.

I am using Fuji raws (lossless compressed). I can process these files outside of Capture one with no issues.

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PureRAW is built to act on unaltered RAW files. If you try to use it with other formats, it will produce the kind of error message you mentioned.

Please take note of the following:

Thanks for that, I’m been racking my brains trying to work out was was wrong. Makes senses now.

Reading support pages is something I rarely do, but sometimes it is necessary and even helping…