Problems with the colours (especially green) after Workflow with DXO Lab 6


i ordered DXO Lab 6 a couple of weeks ago. I am still learning. But i still have problems with the colours after i made some clicks in DXO Lab. I do not know: maybe DXO Lab 6 automatically proposes colours? I especially have problems with the colour green. I want the original green from the raw file. But i do not know how to manage this. the programm suggests me other green colours. look at the bushes in the original. i want the green colour in the original raw file. but i always get a darker green. i already played with the green colour function. but i do not really know how to handle the colour functions in a good way. can somebody help me?

Hi & welcome to the Forum,

maybe you can upload your raw- and dop-file for some ‘instructions’
(for brandnew users via filesharing services)

You can try a few things…

  • use different presets
  • try with different working colour spaces
  • try the HSL tool

Each and every raw developer uses different recipes to render raw data from the sensor. The “original green from the raw file” does not exist per se. It’s just a bunch of numbers that come to life with processing. Here’s a nose as it looks in a RAW file as shown in RawDigger:

RAW developers tend to try to reproduce the original camera colour rendering, still some differences remain. Using different working colour spaces can also change how colours look on screen, which with its respective colour profile.

Moreover, camera screens show previews with all sorts of processing applied.

Another suggestion is to try changing Color Rendering to settings as follows;
image - and experiment with the Intensity slider.

John M

i tried another preset. the result (green colours similar to the original raw file) looks much better for me now.


i use a german version of dxo lab. i try to take a look how i can change the language into english to test your advice.

thanx you for your advice, platypus. i tried another preset. the result is much more better for me now.

Hello Wolfgang

how can i upload raw files?
thanx for your answer.

I’m using dropbox for bigger files.

This forum is limited to upload around 30 MB
and after a short while you will have access too – having read / answered …